At Mind Fit Connection, we offer a wide range of holistic services to accommodate each individual need.

Rehabilitation is all about working with the muscles and connective tissues that would are injured and compensating for the injured region. Reconnecting and building trust between the mind and body for comprehensive healing is our ultimate aim.
trigger point therapy
This technique gets to the cause of aches and pains within the muscles of the body. Referral patterns, sharp and shooting pains and dull aches can all be relieved through trigger point therapy.
myofascial release
This targets the surrounding tissues that protect all our muscles, their fibers and even our organs. When these tissues are tight our muscles will become tight. Releasing the muscles only through stretching will only give temporary relief.
soft and deep tissue
Soft and deep tissue therapies go hand in hand as you cannot treat one without the other. We have many layers of muscles and tissues and they are all structured in different directions, thickness and uses.
Stretching the body is very important for movement and over all function and flow of the body. We use static and dynamic stretching methods to get the best result for you and your body.
PNF stretching
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching is a technique that professional therapists use for improving flexibility. The benefits of PNF stretching are that we are able to gain a bigger range of stretch for the body.
Kinesiology taping
Taping in general is an aid to assist in the body’s recovery from a strain, injury or trauma. Kinesiology tape has a stretch mechanism, which allows the body to activate the muscles, not take over their work.
It is common to isolate a particular group of muscles for strengthening to restore balance. The aim of stabilisation is to loosen and release the tight muscles in order to allow the smaller muscles to activate.

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