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At Mind Fit Connection we pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism. We deliver safe, effective and gentle holistic care to all our clients. Our experienced therapist Penny Kafkalakis has been assisting individuals achieve their health and wellbeing goals for the last 8 years.

We welcome you to contact us and discover how Mind Fit Connection can address your health care needs.


Mind-Fit Approach

Initial Care

The initial phase of care is the foundation for your recovery. This is where your therapist will assess your pains and discomfort and explain to you the course of action required for you to return back to optimal health. Depending on your age, condition, and lifestyle, repeated visits might be needed to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Reconstructive Care

Muscle and other soft tissue damage often remain after your original symptoms have improved. During this phase we encourage follow up visits. As your improvement increases your appointment frequency reduces. We encourage an active role in your health care through home exercises and stretches and other self-care options.

Maintenance Care

When maximum improvement is reached, periodic massage care is recommended. These wellness visits can identify and help correct new problems before they become serious. Like other preventative health measures, your wellness appointments save you time and money, and help you remain well.

What We Offer

We offer a range of different hands on, manual techniques to specifically assist you and your body.

What to Expect


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation allows us to gain vital information about your current health and lifestyle. More information is gathered though physical examination, orthopedic testing and a postural analysis.

What makes Mind Fit Connection different is that our treatment programs are tailored to you as opposed to having a ‘one size fits’ all. We will tailor all your remedial treatments, soft and deep tissue work, exercises and stretches as well as lifestyle advice specific to you in order to achieve your health goals.

Further Treatments

We continue to assess your body and treat tight muscles, tendons and ligaments. Other parts of your body will also be assessed to enhance your recovery. Your health progress is constantly monitored on your return visits for maintenance.

Meet Penny

After 9 years of experience and knowledge in the health industry Penny’s passion and dedication to people’s health grows daily. In her experience she is successfully qualified as a Rehabilitation Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Remedial Massage Therapist.

She has specialized in weight loss, powerlifting, nutritional guidance, lifestyle mindset, motivation, sport specific goals and rehabilitation throughout her time in the industry so far.

Her strong work ethic and professionalism towards her clients guides them on the path of self-care and maintenance. Penny is on a mission to empower each individual through education of the human body.
“Each body has a different dialect. It is up to the individual to decipher what and how their body is communicating to them and act justly to replenish its needs.” - Penny Kafkalakis


  • Penny is honestly one of, if not the most, passionate, knowledgeable and committed people I have ever met. She goes above and beyond every single time, to give you the best treatment/session she can deliver. Her knowledge is unparalleled in her industry and her passion and strive to be better is inspiring. Brilliant!!

    – Alina MacKenzie Brown

  • Penny was fantastic, she helped me with my knee problems. I’d definitely recommend her to everyone!!!

    – Krystle Pratap

  • Can’t wait to come back here as soon as you enter there’s a whole different atmosphere! Just priceless
    Loved my experience ❤❤❤

    – Crystal Kohler

  • Penny has a mature approach to helping her clients; she really connects which makes all the difference to your experience. I trust Penny implicitly with my physical and mental health and would highly recommend her professional services to anyone in need, or searching for help. Penny is genuine, kind, knowledgeable, and really cares for her clients. Penny’s passion for self-acceptance only adds to a positive and fulfilling experience.

    – Narelle King

  • Thanks Penny for all your hard work you have put into me and helping me to achieve my goals, not only the physical aspect but you have also helped me with diet and nutrition also and your massages are amazing 🙂 I’m really happy with where I’m at and always know that I can come to you for advice, thank you 🙂

    – Nastassia Moran


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