Initial Consultation

The initial consultation allows us to gain vital information about your current health status. We take the time to listen and have a discussion regarding your health concern, which incorporates an assessment of your current lifestyle. More information is gathered thorough physical examination, orthopedic testing and a posture analysis. In some cases you may need a referral to a chiropractor or other various modalities, which we offer in the same location. Our wide range of practitioners will be able to assist you holistically for comprehensive care.

During your consults we will take you through all the information gathered during the assessment and explain it to you in a way you understand. It will bring together the relevant information as to the cause of your complaint and what can be done to assist you. What makes Mind Fit Connection different is that our treatment programs are tailored to you as opposed to having a ‘one size fits’ all. We will tailor all your remedial treatments, soft and deep tissue work, exercises and stretches as well as lifestyle advice specific to you in order to achieve your health goals.

Further Treatments

We continue to assess your body by finding and treating tight muscles, tendons and ligaments. Other parts of your body other than where the source of pain is located will also be assessed and corrected to enhance your recovery. In addition to deep tissue massage and soft tissue work (muscle therapy), stretches and exercises may be utilised. Your health progress is constantly monitored on your return visits for maintenance.

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